During each class throughout the year, our dancers prepare for our annual Dance Recital. Unlike many other "traditional" dance recitals you may have attended or participated in, Darcy's Academy of Dance produces an unmatched two-hour professional quality presentation.

Featuring dancers of all ages and styles, the recitals are a culmination of all the hard work our students have done all year. Combined with state-of-the-art production values -- costumes, theatrical lighting, special effects, video projections, custom-built props and original music -- you'd have to go to Broadway to see anything comparable.

Just one look at all the smiles in the theater (both on stage and in the audience) -- says it all. It's an exciting and entertaining event for students and parents alike!


Take a look at our opening from last year and imagine your dancer up there on stage!



Our Finale is one of the many highlights of the recital...enjoy!!