Darcy's Academy of Dance and Performing Arts


During each class throughout the year, our dancers prepare for our annual Dance Recital, which is held in Putnam Valley High School's performance facility. Unlike many other "traditional" dance recitals you may have attended or participated in, Darcy's Academy of Dance produces an unmatched two-hour professional quality presentation.

Featuring dancers of all ages and styles, the recitals are a culmination of all the hard work our students have done all year. Combined with state-of-the-art production values -- costumes, theatrical lighting, special effects, video projections, custom-built props and original music -- you'd have to go to Broadway to see anything comparable.

Just one look at all the smiles in the theater (both on stage and in the audience) -- says it all. It's an exciting and entertaining event for students and parents alike!


2018 Recital Days for each Class (CLICK HERE)



LOCATION - Putnam Valley Performing Arts (Putnam Valley High School) - Arrive one hour before show time.

Little ones: You can pack drinks and snacks but please make sure that it is nothing that can stain a costume...like juice..or Cheese Doodles!

Come dressed in your first costume. Hair and make up (yes try and get make up even on the babies as the lighting we use will wash them out completely)

Make sure all of your stuff is labeled with your child's name on it. Before you leave to take your seat make sure you have taken your little one to the bathroom :) Leave your cell phone number at your table with the mom in charge.

We will have helpers for the class and at least one mother from the class will stay behind with the dancers. The rest of you should stay put in your seats and enjoy they show. Parents getting up and down continuously can be upsetting to other parents trying to enjoy the show. If there are any problems the mom will text you (keep your phone on vibrate please).

For all the little ones (Kindergarten and 1st grade, preschool classes) - Once they are finished with their number or numbers you should go back and get your child and you are allowed to bring him/her back into the show to sit on your lap. We actually encourage the parents to do this as it's wonderful for the little ones to see some of the older kids dance and it's nice to enjoy the finale which can be very exciting. The rest of the dancers are involved in the finale and should stay backstage!

For all of you newbies out there... please feel free to email me with any questions you might have! DarcyBaia@mac.com

Watch this page for costume and Dress Rehearsal Information to come


Email: Info@DarcysAcademyofDance.com